Clearing Construction Liens From Title

Construction work on a property gives contractors the legal right to file a lien on title that has priority over a mortgage. It is our goal to help clear these liens from the title as quickly as possible to ensure you and your borrowers have a first-class closing experience with Advocus Title. Please see information on how construction work can raise a lien and be cleared from title below:

  • Construction on a property, including work that has already been completed as well as pre-work planning, can result in a lien in favor of the contractor/sub-contractors to protect against non-payment for their work. These liens may or may not be recorded yet but will still need to be cleared prior to closing.
  • If construction activity is found during the title search and examination process, Advocus Title’s clearance team will reach out to the POD requesting documentation showing that all contractors/sub-contractors have been paid in full for all work performed through the funding date.
  • The required documentation may vary slightly state-to-state but commonly includes the following three items:
    • A statement from the general contractor showing a list of all the parties that performed work or provided material on the property, the amount of money owed, and the amount of money paid.
    • A lien waiver from each of the parties on the general contractor’s statement.
    • A personal undertaking signed by the borrower indicating they take responsibility for paying any contractors/sub-contractors that may come forward claiming payment in the future for work performed.

At Advocus Title, we are committed to providing you and your borrower with a best-in-class speed to close and seamless closing experience. If you have any questions about construction liens,

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