Hybrid and eClosing Confirmations

What Your Borrowers Can Expect

The day before scheduled closings, Advocus Title is now calling every borrower that is closing via a Hybrid or eClose transaction to confirm the closing time, review important details, and let them know what to expect for both the online and in-person portions of their closings to ensure a best-in-class closing experience for each and every borrower.

The main points covered during the call are outlined below:

  1. Pre-closing Documents: The borrower will be receiving an email with a link to their pre-closing documents to review before the closing. We will walk them through how and when they will receive the link, as well as how much time they should expect to spend reviewing and completing their pre-closing document package.
  2. Identification: For the closing (or the eSign portion of a Hybrid transaction), the borrower should have two forms of current identification on hand. We will review with the borrower what ID types and combinations will be required.
  3. Funds: We will explain the process of what will happen if the borrower will be receiving or contributing funds at the closing. We will review preference for a wire vs. a check, the paperwork that is required, and how long it will take to receive the funds given their preferred transfer type. We will also assist with providing wiring information or a UPS label if the borrower is submitting funds.
  4. Q&A: Additionally, the borrower will be able to ask any questions they may have about the closing and what to expect.

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our customer support team via formemail, or phone.

5.1 days turntime: week of 03/15/21

Faster Closings with Faster Turntimes

At Advocus Title, we know that you want to provide your borrower with the fastest closing experience in the market.  That’s why we are committed to reducing our turntimes throughout 2021 to provide you with best-in-class speed to close.  To provide transparency and allow you to best manage your closing process, we publish our state-by-state turntimes to an initial title commitment on the GR Intranet.  Check out the latest to see how Advocus Title can help improve your speed to close.

Need Help?

The Advocus Title team is committed to providing you with the best title experience in the industry, and if anything goes wrong, to provide you a quick and clear path of escalation and issue resolution. 

Connect with Advocus Title Customer Support via formemail, or phone.