Title Tuesday: Advocus Title Now Servicing Refinances in New Mexico!

We are excited to announce that Advocus Title is now offering title and settlement services on refinance transactions for properties in New Mexico.  We are excited to provide a first-class title experience to you and your borrowers in New Mexico using a blend of technology and high-touch customer service.

You can reach out to the Advocus Title customer support team for any and all questions or issues on New Mexico files. Our goal is to help you provide your borrowers with the fastest speed to close and smoothest closing experience in New Mexico.

Please note that while we work hard to get title work completed and returned as quickly as possible, New Mexico title production requires a more extensive search process that can extend production times longer than Advocus Title’s national averages. 

Please visit our rate calculator to get a rate quote, or reach out to us via formemail, or phone (708-578-6776) with any questions about our expanded service in New Mexico.  Thank you for choosing Advocus Title.  We look forward to working with you in the Cactus State!

Title Term of the Week: Land Contract

A contract between buyer and seller for the purchase and sale of the land. The purchase price is usually payable in installments over a period of time. 

Faster Closings with Faster Turntimes

At Advocus Title, we know that you want to provide your borrower with the fastest closing experience in the market. That’s why we are committed to reducing our turntimes throughout 2021 to provide you with best-in-class speed to close. To provide transparency and allow you to best manage your closing process, we publish our state-by-state turntimes to an initial title commitment on the GR Intranet. Check out the latest to see how Advocus Title can help improve your speed to close.

Need Help?

The Advocus Title team is committed to providing you with the best title experience in the industry, and if anything goes wrong, to provide you a quick and clear path of escalation and issue resolution. 

Connect with Advocus Title Customer Support via formemail, or phone.