Understanding Title Vesting

What is Vesting and When Does Vesting Change?

Vesting is the way property owners hold title to their real estate. Owners can hold title in different ways depending on their marital status and financial interests. Vesting determines the rights the owners have and transactions they can execute on the property during their lifetime as well as what happens to the property in the event of an owner’s death.

Advocus Title exists as a resource to you and your borrowers to help explain and assist with vesting to accurately prepare the title commitment and loan documents in the preferred manner. It is our goal to work with you to gather as much information as possible on your borrowers, as certain events may alter the vesting from when the property was originally purchased. Below are some examples of events to look out for that can change the way your borrowers hold title:

  • One of the owners has passed away since the property was purchased.
  • There has been a marriage between the owners AND any of the owners has changed their name since the property was purchased.
  • There has been a divorce between the owners since the property was purchased.

Understanding vesting is important in a real estate transaction, as all parties who are vested on the title commitment must be at the signing and their forms of identification must match the names on the loan documents exactly. Our top priority is providing you and your borrowers with the resources to ensure a smooth closing based on the chosen type of vesting. For any questions about vesting or how title can be held, feel free to reach out to the Advocus Title customer support team via formemail, or phone

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